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The Online Murder Mystery Event People Are Dying To See...


...It Would Be Criminal To Miss It!

Friday 15th March 2024 - 8pm Onwards

So how does it work?

The show is made up of videos, live scenes and evidence reveals. During these sections you can sit back and follow the story. There will be moments where the audience will be split up into teams and moved into breakout rooms. This will be your opportunity to interrogate the suspects. But don't worry the host will explain everything. The team that figures out the murderer and motive correctly - WINS!

How do I book?

Use the booking form further down this page. A receipt will be sent immediately via email. An email with your zoom links will be sent to over to your chosen email address one week before the event. You will also receive a digital Murder Pack that contains all the information you need to start investigating. Some choose to print it out, which isn't required, but may help you "get in the mood".

What if I'm not good with technology?

You don't need to be tech savvy to enjoy the show. Just click on the Zoom link just before 8pm and the host will guide you through the story.

Is the show family friendly?

The show does contain some adult themes that are usually associated with popular Murder Mystery storylines. However, this is no worse, than material that can be found in an episode of Coronation Street or Friends.

Do we have to do any acting?

No, the murder suspects will be played by professional actors. Sit back and enjoy. You will however, get a chance to interrogate the suspects.

How much is it?

It is £20 per screen. How many people join you around that screen is up to you. Some play solo, many are couples, and we even have groups joining us.

How long is it?

The show starts at 8pm and will last roughly 2 hours. There will be breaks for toilet trips and drink top ups!

Minimum payment of £20 Per DEVICE, not attendee. You can support us by choosing to donate more than £20.00. Orders less than £20 will be rejected.

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